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What makes a slot iconic

# Introduction

Inventing and make public a slot that would actually stick and earn a place in the realms of games was challenging enough in the past when the competition was not nearly as fierce as today. But as we have now, when slots are slowly entering the realms of virtual reality fantasy games, creating a so-called iconic slot has almost become almost impossible. We are talking about a serious market and demographics analysis, impeccable design, unique features and, more than anything else, that elusive X-factor which can neither be defined nor artificially generated.

Thus , the big question is What exactly is the element that makes a slot iconic and equally appealing to different types of agents, regardless of their age group, affinities and gameplay style? The answer is probably hidden somewhere in the game’s structural make up and to uncover it, we must undertake an in-depth study oftwo of the most iconic slots of the new generation, both launched by NetEnt, which are Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.

– The starburst

The starburst was invented in 2012, a gem slot that brings to the player a decent return of about 96%. This slot recorded an amazing success and the key to its success might just be more obvious than you think. So lets look closely and observe the hidden secrets of the success of starburst. By the time of the Starburst release, the combination of both traditional symbols and modern futuristic design was still in its early stages and slots like this were sparse and certainly well below the level achieved by NetEnt. By introducing the conventional theme and placing it within a frame of the latest trends, the developer combined the best of both worlds and cleverly hit not one, but two target demographics: traditionalists and the new age players.

*Another amazing thing about Starburst is the hit frequency; you will definitely not be stuck in a limbo of dead spins, waiting for the symbols to align. Moderate winnings will come at decent intervals, getting you sufficiently engaged for what’s to come.

-Gonzos quest unlike starburst which takes the player in a completely opposite direction, Gonzo’s Quest is an adventure-style game with a background story and cinematic quality. Moreover Gonzo’s Quest offers an adventure rather than the linear gameplay found in Starburst. See more.

# By comparison, we can deduct the following common features, and possibly, the elements that actually construct an iconic slot:

  • Innovation – original background story, contrasting elements, or anything else that other developers are not already heavily exploiting;
  • Lack of offer – finding a niche that somehow remained hidden on the market or providing a type of game that lacks from the offer at that point in time is challenging but can be done;
  • Simplicity – works every time. Overwhelming slots tend to be frustrating;
  • Fair Play – nobody likes a stingy slot or jumping through hoops to trigger the bonus feature;
  • X-Factor – yet to be discovered and scientifically explained;


The first thing that jumps up is the visual aspect and also the focus is on the very essence of the game – the randomness of winning combinations, occasional free-play and multipliers. The aforementioned points are the things that makes a slot iconic.

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